Yoruba Bridal Engagement

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Yoruba Traditional Engagement Ceremony

Accomplishing a traditional Yoruba engagement requires two stages - the introduction ceremony and the actual engagement ceremony.

The Introduction Ceremony

The first stage is the introduction ceremony which is a simple formal ceremony of the bride and groom’s family members officially getting to know each other. The groom’s family will delegate some elders in his extended family and a few closer family members to ask the woman and her family for her hand in marriage. The bride's family would have been prepared for the visit with foods and drinks to entertain them. Hospitality is a very important part of Yoruba culture. There will be some family members also present from the bride’s family to welcome them. The date is announced for the Yoruba traditional engagement ceremony after the visit when the bride and the groom will be officially united as husband and wife. 





 The Engagement Ceremony
The Yoruba engagement ceremony is actually the “traditional wedding.” This is when the couple is united together as husband and wife and the groom’s family pays the dowry or “bridal price.” As with any other wedding, the occasion is graced with lots of fun, singing, dancing, laughing, blessing the couple, and praying.

The following are the steps to accomplishing the Yoruba traditional engagement ceremony.

#1 Presentation of Request letter from groom’s family

# 2 Presentation of Acceptance letter from bride’s family

# 3 Arrival of the groom

# 4 Arrival of the bride

# 5 Presentation of the gifts

# 6 Presentation of the rings

# 7 Presentation of the hat

# 8 Introduction of the family members

# 9 Cutting of cake


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