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ASO-OKE, the fabric of choice for the ceremony

Yoruba Wedding Attires

Attire for the Bride and Groom
Aso-Oke is fabric of choice for this special occasion.  It is considered the pinnacle of all fabrics for Yoruba people on occasions like weddings, birthdays, celebrations of life of deceased parents, chieftaincy title ceremonies, and any other important commemorations.

This Yoruba wedding attire is hand woven with special thread that has been soaked in homemade dye. That was before this age of new technology. There used to be three different colors of Aso-Oke fabrics:
Al’aari: rich maroon
Etu: navy blue
Sanyan: very light brown with strips of cream

These days, there are various colors of thread that are used. You can have Aso-Oke you desire made for you in any color or design made of cotton or silk.

The other fabric option to wear is embroidery lace or any beautifully-colored fabric that is within your budget to make the four-piece outfit for the ceremony.



The groom will have a complete four piece outfit of Yoruba wedding attires consisting of these pieces:
Agbada: a large flowing gown that covers from the neck to ankle and from the left wrist to the right wrist.
Buba: this is a loose and roomy top that is shorter and smaller than the agbada and falls to the knees. It has long sleeves extending to the wrists.
Sokoto: a roomy garment like a pair of pants with an elastic band or string to tie it at the waist.
Fila: the wedding outfit is not complete without this hat.

The bride will also have four-piece outfits of Yoruba wedding attires made of the same color and fabrics as the groom.
Buba: a wide, long-sleeved blouse
Iro: a wrap-around garment to be worn at the waist
Gele: a head tie or scarf
Iborun or ipele: a shawl or shoulder sash

Ileke (beads) or gold: necklace, earrings, and bracelets that take current trends into consideration. You can choose the color of beads to match your fabrics. You can even design your own pattern and have the bead-set made for you at a bead shop.
Shoes/bag: either matching or to contrasting your Aso-Oke in color
Hand-Fan: matching or contrasting the Aso-Oke or your shoes and bag
Makeup: done by yourself or someone else. All these go well with Yoruba Wedding Attires.