Yoruba Bridal Engagement

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Yoruba Engagement Gallery


The setting of a Yoruba bridal engagement will look like the picture to your right or something similar to it. There are an array of chairs arranged facing each other. The bride's and the groom's families are seated separately on each side. Bride's and groom's chair is placed on stage or higher platform over-looking the audience. All attention must be on the celebrants.



Celebrant's chair should be unique, comfortable, and well decorated

The gifts brought to the bride and her family are to be wrapped in a presentable fashion.


The honey is another example of the gifts that may be given. Those items that cannot be wrapped such as aadun are presented in fancy serving dishes.

The Proposal and Acceptance Letters are also presented in a unique manner but must be easy to open. The letters could be printed on scrolls, plaques, framed etc.

Usually the cake is not all that big but unique. Just use your imagnation and let your Cake Designer bring it to life. The piece that you see here is decorated with Aso- Oke color theme.




This is the cake for the wedding reception. As you can see it is simple and yet elegant. Again, bring your imagination to life.